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Customizable Maintenance Management for Your Fleet

Scheduling routine inspections and keeping your fleet on track with a preventive maintenance schedule is one of the most effective methods to bypass downtime, boost efficiency, and maintain your maintenance budget. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most challenging aspects of a fleet manager’s job.

Considering the key to profitable operations is keeping your fleet on the road, scheduling inspections and maintenance can pose a huge threat to your company’s gains. On top of that pressure, the many steps of vehicle maintenance make maintaining a fleet a time-consuming challenge. Maintenance management is no easy feat, from tracking, reporting, and communicating imperative data to the right employees.

The transportation industry has been proactive regarding preventive maintenance. Although, Maintenance Connection reports have indicated that the industry generally lacks in sectors such as reporting capabilities, software training, and implementation of mobile CMMS software. Small to mid-sized fleets often have trouble finding solutions that cater to their size, as most management solutions cater to larger fleets. 

With fleet maintenance software like Fleetpals’, management becomes ten times easier, regardless of the size of your fleet. Fleetpal offers fully customizable preventive maintenance and inspection management that can easily be monitored from any device. With unlimited options for building templates, automated reporting, and self-operated sharing, Fleetpal keeps your team on the same page.


The trucking industry categorizes fleets of up to 25 units as “small” and fleets with 100 units or fewer as “mid-sized”. Keeping track of multiple units fanned out across your region, or even the entire country, is beyond complex. A tool that allows drivers, maintenance technicians, and administrative staff to communicate efficiently is essential to ensuring inspections don’t fall by the wayside. 

Fleetpal offers a quick, convenient way to schedule inspections while your trucks are in motion. With a network of affiliated repair shops and service stations right at your fingertips, everyone in your fleet’s organization can feel at ease when third-party inspection services are needed. Fleetpal also makes it easy to track when a unit will be available for in-house inspection by generating inspection orders. 

Whether an inspection is part of routine maintenance or the upshot of an extended trip, drivers and maintenance technicians can work in tandem to keep the fleet in top condition, with minimal downtime.

Inspection templates

Nobody knows your fleet better than you. Maintenance and fleet managers know exactly what it takes to keep their fleets running safely, efficiently, and profitably. An inspection tool that only offers one perspective isn’t worthwhile.

What truly benefits a fleet’s operation is a service that allows for customization with the ability to build templates that are tailored to you and your team. Designing your maintenance schedule allows for easy communication and makes tracking performance more manageable.

Fleetpal offers endless options when it comes to customizing inspection templates so managers can carefully select a model for each unique type of unit in their fleet. Building templates for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections eliminates tons of extra steps that only waste valuable time and money. Modifying your inspection routine to your fleet’s specific needs and making adjustments over time will ensure the longevity of your vehicles and the overall growth of your fleet.

Preventive maintenance services

The classic saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” neglects to mention that properly greasing bearings before they squeak will result in a much longer life on the road. The key to avoiding costly roadside breakdowns is an effective preventative maintenance program, but sometimes unexpected equipment disruptions happen and demand immediate attention.

Fleetpal provides fleet and maintenance managers with increased visibility, making the urgency of their preventative maintenance routines unmistakable. Users can build their preventive maintenance plan using VMRS codes at the system, assembly, and component levels. This ensures that every element you want to include in your program can be added to an assignment. Since Fleetpal automatically generates work orders for issues and updates, communication between entire teams is as efficient as possible.

Preventive maintenance scheduler

Whether you organize your program by mileage, hours of operation, calendar days, or a combination of metrics, Fleetpal allows you to effortlessly alert drivers and maintenance technicians of upcoming preventive maintenance tasks. With perfectly advanced notice, your team can plan around pre-existing downtime rather than interrupting or delaying jobs that are scheduled for that unit.

A customizable offset feature allows fleet managers to define a window around the target — regardless of what that may be. Whether the target is mileage, hours, or days, setting up a range provides insight into the maintenance schedule as well as the overall well-being of your employees. This feature also delivers alerts when units are approaching or surpass a scope to keep everyone in the loop.

Take advantage of the benefits that Fleetpal can offer your maintenance management plan

Fleetpal believes that small and mid-sized fleets deserve the same tools and resources that the largest fleets in the industry utilize. In order to properly care for your customers, your equipment, and your team, you must have access to top-performing mechanisms and premier fleet maintenance software. 

Reach out to Fleetpal today to get started with a demonstration showcasing our turnkey solutions that guarantee a more streamlined, effective, and lucrative fleet.

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Mike Valnev

Mike Valnev