PM Intervals

Schedule and stay on top of regular fleet maintenance tasks with Preventive Maintenance intervals.
PM Intervals

Fleetpal's Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Module Allows You To Schedule Maintenance Tasks Based On Actual Vehicle Usage Data To Avoid Unnecessary Downtime And Reduce Maintenance Costs.

Generate work orders from upcoming preventive maintenance tasks and streamline maintenance workflows. By tracking vehicle performance and maintenance history, the Preventive Maintenance scheduler module empowers you to make data-driven decisions for optimal fleet maintenance.

Optimized Maintenance Scheduling

Fleetpal’s PM module utilizes real-time usage data to schedule maintenance tasks, ensuring that vehicles receive the appropriate maintenance at the right time, reducing maintenance costs and downtime due to breakdowns.

Optimized Maintenance Scheduling
Improved Vehicle Uptime
Improved Vehicle Uptime

Schedule preventive maintenance tasks using Fleetpal’s PM intervals and maximize vehicle uptime and availability. Reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns that can lead to downtime and lost revenue.

Extended Vehicle Lifespan

Regular preventive maintenance can lead to extended vehicle lifespan, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements. By harnessing the power of Fleetpal’s Preventive Maintenance intervals, you can keep your fleet assets at the pinnacle of their performance and safeguard their longevity.

Extended Vehicle Lifespan

Ensure Maintenance Tasks Are Performed On Schedule And Assets Are Kept In Optimal Working Conditions With Fleetpal's Preventive Maintenance Intervals Feature.

Fleetpal Mobile App Dashboard
  • Fleet Maintenance Software Feature Work Order Management

    Leave paper work orders in the past and step into the future with digital work orders. Optimize your maintenance and repair workflows, track service history, and monitor expenses for internal repair shops and vendors.

  • Truck Parts Catalog

    Get a bird’s-eye view of your repair shop’s parts. Streamline reordering processes and avoid repair delays. Enjoy better visibility into parts’ usage and costs to make more informed purchasing decisions.

  • Fleet Vehicles, Fleet Units, Assets, Fleet Maintenance Mobile App

    Hit the brakes on vehicle deterioration. Store all of your fleet units in a single platform and solve one of the biggest roadblocks of all – vehicle lifecycle management. Make accurate forecasts on vehicle repairs and replacements.

  • Truck Repair Vendors Management with Fleetpal Mobile App

    Stay organized with a separate vendor directory for quick access to critical information about your vendor relations. Gain visibility into your vendor costs, work orders, parts, and more. 

  • Telematics Integration

    Link our fleet preventive maintenance software to Telematics and receive valuable data, facilitating the management of preventive maintenance and swift response to vehicle problems. 

  • Fleet Maintenance Automated Reporting With Fleetpal

    View operational and analytical reports with key metrics in real time. Take the guesswork out of fleet maintenance and make data-backed decisions. Our cloud-based fleet maintenance software makes reporting easy for all.

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