DVIR Defects Management

Instantly create actionable tasks from DVIR issues to get your fleet assets back on the road as soon as possible.
DVIR Defects Management

Simplify Defect Management and Minimize Downtime with Fleetpal’s DVIR Defect Management

Effortlessly generate internal or vendor work orders directly from DVIR issues, streamlining your maintenance workflows like never before. Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome a sleek and organized approach to fleet maintenance. Experience the power of Fleetpal’s DVIR Defects Management module today!

Faster and Smoother Defect Resolution

Fleetpal enables rapid and consistent handling of unsafe defects identified through telematics’ DVIRs. Automatically import issues from Motive and Samsara to Fleetpal, where you can efficiently address and monitor each defect until resolution.

Faster And Smoother DVIR Resolution
Create Work Orders From DVIR Defects
Create Work Orders From DVIR Defects

Maximize your fleet’s maintenance efficiency with Fleetpal’s work order creation feature. Quickly generate internal or vendor work orders and track their progress from a single interface.

Easy Collaboration and Transparency
Easy Collaboration and Transparency

Streamline Your Defect Resolution Process With Our DVIR Defects Feature. Get Your DVIR Defects Straight Into Fleetpal Where You Can Assign, Track And Analyze Their Resolvement.

Fleetpal Mobile App Dashboard
  • Truck Parts Catalog

    Get a bird’s-eye view of your repair shop’s parts. Streamline reordering processes and avoid repair delays. Enjoy better visibility into parts’ usage and costs to make more informed purchasing decisions.

  • Fleet Vehicles, Fleet Units, Assets, Fleet Maintenance Mobile App

    Hit the brakes on vehicle deterioration. Store all of your fleet units in a single platform and solve one of the biggest roadblocks of all – vehicle lifecycle management. Make accurate forecasts on vehicle repairs and replacements.

  • Truck Repair Vendors Management with Fleetpal Mobile App

    Stay organized with a separate vendor directory for quick access to critical information about your vendor relations. Gain visibility into your vendor costs, work orders, parts, and more. 

  • Preventive Maintenance Intervals

    Don’t wait for costly breakdowns. Instead, harness the power of preventive maintenance intervals to optimize performance, reduce downtime, and save on maintenance expenses.

  • Telematics Integration

    Link our fleet preventive maintenance software to Telematics and receive valuable data, facilitating the management of preventive maintenance and swift response to vehicle problems. 

  • Fleet Maintenance Automated Reporting With Fleetpal

    View operational and analytical reports with key metrics in real time. Take the guesswork out of fleet maintenance and make data-backed decisions. Our cloud-based fleet maintenance software makes reporting easy for all.

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