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Access powerful transportation fleet management tools designed to optimize efficiency and performance. From tracking vehicle performance to managing maintenance and expenses, Fleetpal streamlines operations for smoother journeys and cost savings.
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Strategic Transportation Fleet Management

Oversee your entire transportation fleet operation with Fleetpal’s comprehensive management features. Gain valuable insights through automated reporting, centralize fleet data with integrations, and optimize vendor management. With Fleetpal, fleet managers enhance efficiency, maximize performance, and minimize costs, all within one intuitive platform.

Strategic Transportation Fleet Management
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Transportation Fleet Maintenance Excellence

Ensure peak performance and minimize downtime with Fleetpal’s advanced maintenance features. Track service histories, optimize maintenance schedules, and monitor expenses seamlessly. With Fleetpal, streamline your maintenance workflow, mitigate part shortages, and proactively address preventive maintenance tasks for an optimized transportation fleet operation.

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Why Fleets Of All Sizes Love Using Fleetpal

Fleetpal allows us to track almost all components of a truck. The online fleet maintenance software organizes the parts in different categories and subcategories, so we can see where we are spending the most money. It also keeps track on truck parts and their warranties.

Pavel CEO

Easy to use! Entering work orders into the system is just a matter of point and click, less searching for different items and topics in the web-based fleet maintenance software. Excellent way to track expenses per unit making it easier to calculate CPM on each vehicle, thus helping decide which units need to be replaced rather than just how old a vehicle is or how many miles.

Hector Fleet Manager

Truck maintenance can be expensive. Before using FleetPal, it was a pain to keep track of maintenance costs and records. Now, I can input data and keep track of costs in a simple fleet maintenance software.

Thomas Operations Manager


What is transportation fleet management software?

Transportation fleet management software offers a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and optimize efficiency in managing a fleet of vehicles. It includes features for managing maintenance, monitoring expenses, and improving overall fleet performance.”

What maintenance tasks can Fleetpal assist with?

Fleetpal provides robust maintenance capabilities to streamline upkeep for your transportation fleet. It facilitates tracking vehicle service histories, optimizing maintenance schedules, monitoring expenses, managing work orders, and ensuring proactive attention to preventive maintenance tasks. With Fleetpal, your transportation fleet operates smoothly and efficiently.

How can I start using Fleetpal for my transportation fleet?

Begin by scheduling a quick 15-minute discovery call with one of our representatives. We’ll guide you through how Fleetpal can revolutionize your fleet management. If interested, we’ll arrange a tailored full demo to meet your business needs. Let us show you how Fleetpal optimizes operations and centralizes fleet data effortlessly.