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Find the best places for both routine and unexpected needs on the road!

Truck Maintenance Solutions

Drivers And Owner Operators

FleetPal is a mobile app that helps truck drivers handle their unexpected breakdowns and routine maintenance. We offer one of the largest director y of repair shops and other fleet services.

We have designed the app so you can quickly find the desired service using our filters by "brand" and "category" starting with the closest to you location. Our users can rate and review any visited service or truck stop.

FleetPal is using geofencing technology to notify you of deals and discounts at businesses you are passing by so you do not miss anything on the road.

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Truck Fleets

FleetPal offers cloud based web app designed to help fleets of any size manage their equipment and drivers. Using the advanced technology of mobile devices, you can track your fleet at no cost.

Save money avoiding contracts and monthly charges. At FleetPal we are dedicated to developing the best solutions for the industry, and we will never stop improving.

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We are proud to say that we offer one of a kind solution to the vendors listed in our directory. FleetPal gives you a complete platform, designed to deliver maximum ROI.

Your business will be visible in our FleetPal Mobile App and our Web Based App. Get access to the thousands of truck drivers and owner operators on the road already using FleetPal.

Our "Digital Billboard" feature leverages the latest in mobile technology and gives you the power of promoting your business to the passing by drivers by sending notifications to their mobile devices.

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Who we are and why we can help you

We created FleetPal to help the maintenance side in the heavy duty industry and everybody in it. We have developed a platform that connects and provides a valuable service to all sectors of the industry no matter the size.

The platform is designed to be a resource to single owner operators, small and large fleets, independent service providers, vendors and big name national chains alike.

Our team has more than 20 years of combined experience in the trucking industry with the thorough understanding of all its intricacies and keen way of leveraging technology to best provide a valuable service to all.

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