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Easy-to-use fleet management solution that helps you keep all fleet operations and participants in sync. Developed by industry experts for fleet managers and owners.
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Full Visibility And Control Over All Fleet Operations

Fleet Maintenance

Elevate the performance of your trucks, forklifts, and other vehicles with Fleetpal’s dependable fleet maintenance system. Our intuitive platform enables seamless communication and workflow automation, empowering fleet managers and owners with the essential maintenance insights to proactively optimize any fleet's operation.


Make data-driven, strategic moves with a fleet management system that offers access to key operational and analytical insights. By leveraging real-time data and game-changing reporting features, you can track maintenance schedules, monitor vehicle performance, and identify potential issues before they become critical.

Fleet Management

Gain a comprehensive view of every aspect of your fleet, enabling you to make smarter decisions and fully optimize resources. From real-time fleet data tracking to complete asset management, a robust fleet management system streamlines processes, reduces downtime, and improves overall productivity.


By seamlessly connecting with other systems and software, you can streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and gain greater visibility into fleet operations. Automate processes such as maintenance tracking and data entry, reducing administrative tasks and freeing up time for more critical activities. Improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

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Fleetpal Mobile App Dashboard

Streamline Operations By Centralizing Internal And Vendor-Related Work Orders.

Work Order Management App

Develop a third-party vendor directory and monitor external maintenance and repair costs.

Vendor Management Tab

Monitor every aspect of your fleet equipment throughout their entire lifecycle

Vehicle Management Tab

Access cost-saving data and valuable insights to improve your processes, through a wide range of customizable reports.

automated reporting tab

Utilize a detailed parts management system to track and manage parts, avoid stockouts and reduce downtime.

Parts Management

Capture all of your fleet data in one place to obtain a comprehensive view of your fleet's performance.

Telematics Integrations

Keep track of PM tasks across your fleet with maintenance schedules and reminders.

Preventive Maintenance Intervals
  • Work Order Management

    Fleet Maintenance Software Feature Work Order Management
  • Vendors

    Truck Repair Vendors Management with Fleetpal Mobile App
  • Vehicles

    Fleet Vehicles, Fleet Units, Assets, Fleet Maintenance Mobile App
  • Automated Reporting

    Fleet Maintenance Automated Reporting With Fleetpal
  • Parts

    Truck Parts Catalog
  • Integrations

    Telematics Integration
  • Preventive Maintenance Intervals

    Preventive Maintenance Intervals

    Pro Software for Fleet Managers and Owners

    Fleet Manager
    Fleet Managers

    Overcome the limitations of manual processes and communication breakdowns between your drivers and mechanics. Upgrade to a modern fleet manager software that grants real-time visibility into vehicle performance and maintenance needs, allowing you to make timely decisions and reduce downtime. Our intuitive platform provides the features and capabilities to help you:

    Fleet Owners

    Achieve strategic growth and zero missed opportunities as a fleet owner with a powerful software for fleet management. Optimize your fleet’s profitability and boost revenue by reducing ownership costs, yet guaranteeing that the vehicles in your fleet continue to generate income for your business.

    Fleet Owners

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