Cross Fleet Maintenance Issues off Your To-Do List With Fleetpal

Managing a commercial fleet in today’s trucking industry means you’re responsible for a lot of moving parts. With clients, staff, and vendors all competing for your limited time and attention, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. Fleet and maintenance managers need the right tools and software that make supervision, delegation, and communication as effective as possible. It’s the only way to ensure maintenance issues get crossed off the to-do list.

What can Fleetpal’s maintenance management software do for your fleet?

Fleetpal’s issue tracker allows users to manage incidents in real-time while keeping a record of all issues in one place. The maintenance issue tracking system provides both automated and manual options for recording an issue. It also generates automated repair orders, allowing staff and vendors to access the information for efficient resolution, tracking, and reporting.

Ensuring your equipment is scheduled for inspections and preventive maintenance is an important element of managing a fleet. One hopes no issues are found during routine inspections or while on the road. However, should they arise, problems need to be addressed quickly and economically.

Fleet Maintenance Issues

In the past, fleet managers’ primary goal with their preventive maintenance program (PMP) was to appease the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Getting the job done and keeping records at hand to avoid fines and downtime was the logic guiding many fleet’s PMPs. 

The American Transportation Research Institute’s (ATRI) annual 2022 report on the industry indicates that fleet operating costs continue to rise, particularly maintenance and fuel prices. With these projections, businesses must approach fleet maintenance with large-scale business goals in mind. Avoiding penalties isn’t enough — your fleet maintenance program should help your entire operation run more efficiently at a reasonable cost. In most cases, communication is the key to making your PMP do more for you and your fleet.

A maintenance issue tracking system helps your team identify and communicate issues faster and far more effectively. You will be able to supervise, track, report, and manage your team’s work with ease when utilizing Fleetpal.

Identifying Maintenance Issues

Regardless of how and when an issue comes to light, Fleetpal can generate a report for any member of your team from any device. These reports will then be entered into the system for everyone to access and review.

Communicating Issues

When an issue is identified, a repair order is automatically generated and then assigned to the particular unit’s profile within the Fleetpal system. This information can be shared across departments for in-house repairs or sent directly to a third-party vendor. This automated system saves time and reduces errors by eliminating the “telephone game” effect.

Tracking and Reporting Issues

From the 30,000-foot view, all you want to know is that everything is getting done and check off any financial or operational concerns. Every issue entered into Fleetpal’s maintenance system automatically feeds all relevant data into our reporting system. As a result, you can track costs by unit, category, and component lifetime.

How Does It Work?

Fleetpal can be used by anyone on your team with access to the internet, whether that be a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Once the report is logged in the system, all information is available for sharing with the rest of your team as well as outside vendors. This makes the entire process easier to manage, from the initial report to the final action.

Fleetpal’s maintenance issue tracker records and shares important information including:

  • Summary

The person generating the report can provide a brief summary in their own words.

  • Priority

Assign the issue low, medium, or high priority.

  • Unit Information

Pull the unit info directly from the unit feature in Fleetpal and add current hour and mileage information.

  • Location

Use GPS data to identify the closest repair shops and other resources.

  • Component

Use our VRMS-coded component checklist to identify what work needs to be done, the vehicle’s condition, the reason for repair, and whether it is a scheduled, non-scheduled, or emergency repair.

  • Description

The person generating the report has the ability to provide a more detailed description based on their own experience.

  • Attachments

Upload photos, videos, or other file types to make reporting, assessing, and resolving the issue more efficient.

Fleetpal helps you tackle maintenance issues with confidence

At Fleetpal, we’re committed to our mission of making valuable tools available to fleets of all sizes, big and small. We help you put your customers, equipment, and team members first. In a competitive industry, that’s the most significant principle to build on.

Our solutions are designed to ensure that fleets and vendors have what they need to manage their operations smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Sign up today and see for yourself what Fleetpal can do for you and your team.

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