Can Fleet Maintenance Software Help You Control Costs and Increase Profits?

Efficient and effective fleet maintenance is a key component of fleet management.

Find out how Fleetpal can help you control costs and increase your profits.

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Work order management gives your maintenance department more control

The past few years have been challenging for the transportation and logistics industry. 

Global economic disruptions have led to volatility in the supply chain. That has made it hard to predict rates and loads.

Fuel costs, lack of parts and supplies, and a scarce workforce are driving up fleets’ CPM and TCO.

To grow and thrive in a challenging environment, it’s essential to control the things you can control.

The 7 Keys to Improving Profit Margins in the Trucking Industry

1. Labor Costs

Tight labor markets make it hard for fleets to control costs by controlling wages. Tools that help your team work faster and more effectively will help your fleet complete more tasks in less time.

The right fleet management software makes a fleet maintenance pro more productive.

2. Utilization of Assets

Maximizing uptime for each asset is the best way for fleets to increase revenues. But high fuel costs and driver compensation combine to keep profit margins narrow. Fleet maintenance prevents unplanned downtime and emergency repairs at the same time that it increases fuel efficiency.

Truck and trailer equipment maintenance can improve fleet operations. The right management system makes preventive maintenance scheduling simple.

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3. Equipment Maintenance

A modest 35% effectiveness rate on preventive maintenance tasks can save a fleet up to $500 per year/per unit. Optimizing preventive maintenance or transitioning to a predictive maintenance program can increase savings significantly.

Record maintenance activity and build a maintenance history for all of your fleet assets. Get the fleet data you need to manage your fleet.

4. Inventory Management

Supply chain disruptions can make it difficult for fleets to get the supplies needed to keep preventative maintenance on track. Maintenance departments have to balance the value of parts-on-demand with the cost of surplus maintenance inventories.

Track parts inventory and predict vehicle maintenance needs in real time based on pm scheduling.

5. Cost-Control Systems

Budgeting, performance appraisal, and optimization are essential steps to effective cost-control programs. Each step relies on the availability and accuracy of data. Fleet maintenance software eliminates the need for multiple data-entry tasks, helping control costs now and contributing to improvements over time.

Take advantage of a free trial of Fleetpal’s cloud-based fleet management solutions.

6. Physical Location

Your fleet’s location impacts your cost of operation and the rates you are able to charge. Fleetpal’s cloud based software gives you control anytime and anywhere.

7. Regulatory Environment

CDL vehicles and the professionals who operate them are regulated to ensure public safety and regulate environmental impact. Better maintenance means a better reputation, more efficient operations, and fewer worries about fines, fees, and out-of-service orders.

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Fleet maintenance software automates the manual tasks that take up time your team needs to get things done

Fleetpal offers paperless work orders to help you and your team streamline maintenance operations.

Reduce the amount of data entry that it takes to plan, execute, track, and optimize your maintenance program.

Customize scheduling, alerts, and reporting to manage people, assets, and budgets.

Fleetpal can help you get on top of your fleet’s maintenance demands – and stay there!

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